Creatively inclined from my very childhood, I found my joy and passion in painting, which paved my way to the College of Art in the coming years. I got the opportunity to interact and learn from some wonderful artists and designers during my college years. Having specialised in Applied Arts, my professional journey took me to advertising agencies, animation production houses, and marketing communication and web agencies. Though I grew my knowledge and skills in the commercial domain, my heart craved to find some time to nourish my soul and delve into the world of colors. After a few years working with different companies, I started my freelance journey as a designer, which with lots of hard work and almighty's grace flourished and I got to create brand identities and marketing and web collaterals for various international companies. My work as a designer gets appreciated and I won the confidence of my clients across the world.
As the Founder and Creative Director at IDEOHOLICS, I have started my journey as an entrepreneur, with the vision to bring creative ideas to life, helping startups with their identity and marketing communication strategies.
But, there is yet another side to ME. I love to spend some moments in the solitude of my own self. Such moments, don't come very often. But when they do, I find my own self. Sometimes, it comes out as words, and sometimes as Art.  I let go of any limitations and enjoy those moments of being with my art. It isn’t a hobby, it is my way to meditate. Colours merging and flowing freely across a canvas give me a feeling so liberating, it’s indescribable. Being a designer, latest art technology is a constant source of learning and exploration for me. So, at times, I dive into the world of colors, creating amalgamations of my physical artworks and blending in the beauty of technology to create artworks of digital strokes. I believe that paints come together to tell beautiful stories.
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